Capacity Change Reports

Updated December 26,  2020

The latest COVID-19 capacity tracking models have been updated with 25Dec data from the schedule load this weekend.

Capacity Change Reports – Week Over Week

Click a report below to download the file. You must download these reports; they cannot be used within Dropbox.

What do these reports show?

These reports are designed to show the week-over-week capacity changes that airlines have made at your airport.  They shows all changes in capacity loaded into the schedule as it is impossible to isolate only changes that are directly in response to the COVID-19 virus.

There are 4 separate tabs available to browse:

  • Dynamic Table: Shows current outbound capacity for the current week’s schedule load and also a comparison to the previous week’s schedule load.  The table shows each week through the end of May.  SLICERS on the side can be used to filter the data.
  • By Mkt & Airline – Changes: This tab shows any markets and airlines that changed capacity in the past week.  It is sorted from the largest reductions to the largest gain in capacity.  SLICERS on the side can be used to filter the data.
  • By Market & Airline: This tab shows all markets and airlines alphabetically.  SLICERS on the side can be used to filter the data.
  • Trend Charts: This tab shows your airport’s capacity after each schedule load.  It will continue to grow as we capture more weekly schedule loads and is designed to show the impact of the capacity changes over time.

How do I use these reports?

  1. Download a report using one of the links above
  2. Open the file in Excel
  3. Choose to Enable Content at the top of the screen. This will allow the macro to refresh the data for your airport
  4. Enter your Airport Code in the top left of the Dynamic Table tab. The data will refresh to be specific to your airport

The Instructions tab will provide further instructions on using SLICERS so that you can drill into specific markets, airlines, months or days or weeks.