Deciding to attend an Airport Roundtable? These must-attend industry events are designed to help aviation professionals share ideas and concepts – primarily in the areas of marketing and air service development – however, no topic is off-limits. Participants interact with their airport counterparts and airline representatives in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages conversation, engagement, education, and relationship building.

The key element of our roundtables is the intimacy we can provide by limiting the group to about 45 participants. This includes paid registrants, airlines, and our sponsors. The goal is to provide an environment where we can all learn from each other. Countless great friendships and business relationships have been formed and built up over the years in this unique, and fun, forum.

Co-founder, Brad DiFiore, “There aren’t a lot of academic programs out there that talk about marketing and air service development in the aviation industry. The roundtables create a fantastic opportunity to spend some time, not only with the airlines who are joining us, but with our counterparts from airports across the country.  Every year more and more new airline representatives come to our conferences, in addition to the ones who repeatedly return year in and year out. They come back because they enjoy the fantastic interaction, and they find it valuable for their own knowledge and relationship building.”

“We all learn from each other.  There is no pressure.  No stress. From best practices to unique challenges, it’s all on the table and open for discussion. Each participant is given the opportunity to share, and feedback from the group is highly encouraged. It is just a great time with the people who make our industry so special,” stated co-founder Kim Sippola. “We invite you to check out all of our upcoming Roundtables. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@thequotientgroup.com. We encourage you to register today.”



Ailevon Pacific and The Quotient Group are proud to continue the original Airport Roundtable Series tradition that began over 20 years ago. It started out as a small group of Midwest airports working and meeting with Comair once per year.

Over time, it has grown into a much larger enterprise. Our yearly meeting now occurs at least three times per year at airports all over the United States. Additionally, we have expanded to Australia, the UK, and soon to Canada.

The airline and airport attendees are now as varied as the industry itself.