Working From Home

Working from Home Tips

We have compiled a list of tips for working from home to help ease your transition and make working from home doable. The main thing to remember is that working from home is hard. It takes time to adjust but you are not alone. Everyone is in the same rocky boat right now.

Try a Few of These Today

Create a morning routine to signal the start of your workday – brew a cup of coffee, make a to-do list, and actually get dressed to get yourself jazzed to begin your day of work.

Create a “shut down routine” to signal the end of your workday – turn off your monitor, turn off the lights, shut the door to your office if possible, etc. to mentally tell yourself that you’re “leaving work” and “going home.”

Set a schedule and try to stick to it – it will help you maintain a work-life balance if you stick to your regular hours. However, a benefit to working from home is flexibility. Sometimes you might extend your day or start early to accommodate someone else’s time zone. And THAT’S OK.

Schedule breaks – try to take them at consistent times during the day and in their entirety. And let your coworkers know you’ll be taking your lunch and will be gone for an hour. Then actually be gone for a whole hour.

Over-communicate – send a quick IM to your team to let them know you’re stepping out for a minute. Mentioning that you’re taking a quick snack break, walking the dog, or moderating a fight between your children, is helpful for your coworkers and may explain why you’re ignoring them for a minute.

Don’t look like a noob on your video or conference calls – mute your microphone when you aren’t talking.

Dedicate a workspace – it may seem tempting to cozy up on the couch with Netflix playing in the background but try to stick to your dedicated space whether it’s the kitchen table, counter, or office desk. Unless you can be outside. Go work outside if you can.

Leave the house and move your body – go for a walk, water your plants, get outside but stay away from others. You know the drill.

Socialize with your colleagues online – it will help you feel connected and included to FaceTime, set up virtual happy hours, or share memes on Teams or Skype. Keep it fun! TQG has started implementing “where I work Wednesday” where we each share a photo of our “desk” for the day. And “tip Tuesday” where we share a tip, or recipe, or something new we’ve learned that week. Try it with your team!

Over-communicate – did we mention “over-communicate?”

Take advantage of your WFH perks – cuddle the dog, go for a run, or try a new recipe on your breaks, because you can!

Cut yourself some slack – your attention will wander. Don’t feel bad if you’re working one minute and responding to a text the next. You’ll have productive days and unproductive days, and that’s ok! Try not to be so hard on yourself (or your coworkers) – everyone is doing the best that they can.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

If you’ve participated in a Zoom virtual meeting, you might have seen some users whose background looks a little less makeshift-home-office and a little more world-traveler. Those people are using Zoom virtual backgrounds. You can upload any image yourself, or use one of the pre-loaded backgrounds. The team at The Quotient Group can also design a custom branded background upon request.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use virtual backgrounds.