Airline Response

Airline Response to COVID-19

Reduction of flight schedules

Updated July 25, 2020

  • Discontinuing as of 31July due to less frequent updates from carriers.  If that is something that you use frequently please reach out to your consultant to let them know.

Prior Airline Capacity Changes

United States & Canada

Air Canada – Ending social distancing on flts as of 1Jul; indefinitely suspending svc on 30 dom reg rtes & closing 8 stns at regional airports in Canada; Retired all E-190 on 31May; Retired last 767 on 2June; Will use AC Jetz 58 seat all biz class on 2 routes; will fly to 97 markets in summer; Will fly 34 dom routes in May; Retiring 79 aircraft: 767, A319, & (E190 immediately); Suspend US flights thru 22May;160 flights suspended thru 31May; Filed May resumption of 11 intl markets; Cut Q2 85-90%; Q2 down 20% yoy; Pacific for Apr down 75%; Will only fly to 6 intl markets & 40 dom

Air Transat – Will offer 45 intl rtes from Canada; Resume flts 23Jul; Flights cancelled thru 30Jun; Flights suspended thru 31May; Retiring A310 by 31Mar; will suspend all flights on 2Apr; Suspend intl flights thru 30Apr

Alaska Airlines – Will retire 7 of its 49 remaining A320s in 2021, & retire 1 737-8 & hopes to take delivery of 15 737 MAX 8s in 2021; Only flying 13 routes from LAX in May; Retired 10 A319 & 2 A320s; DOT approved suspension of 4 cities (OGG, LIH, KOA, SUN); Cut svc to NYC region 71%; cut sys 80% for Apr/May; creating tag routes in US; Cut sys 70% for Apr/May; Cutting sys 15% & parking 30 jets (13% of fleet); 10% Apr & 15% May

Allegiant – Approval to only fly 1x/wk to TUS, MLI, STC, OGS, ROC, RDU, GFK, DAY, MFE, BLI; Cut Apr/May 80-90%; No reduction Mar/Apr but likely 3.2% for May; Cut 15% Apr/May & could cut 30-35% soon

American Airlines – Dropping 5 intl rtes from LAX & 14 intl rtes from other hubs; Resuming flts to China on 25May via ICN; Will bring back 141 aircraft into service in July (83 A320/58 738); Will fly 20% of intl schedule & 55% dom; Will fly 55% dom & 20% intl schedule in July; Will no longer serve OAK after 3Jun; Intl svc resumption starting 4Jun on 7 routes; Will offer 15 dom routes from NYC in May; Requesting service exemptions to 12 markets (DLH, ANC, JAC, FCA, MVY, ACK, ASE, MTJ, EGE, OGG, KOA, LIH); Many intl flights pushed to 24Oct; All 757s have been put into storage; Cut NYC flights more than 90% (3 JFK/8 LGA/2 EWR); Cut intl 60% for peak summer (80% pacific, 65% TATL, 48% Latin; suspend 26 seasonal routes until 2021); Retired all 16 of their 767s on 30Mar (will retire 76 738s, all 9 A330-3s, 20 E190s soon too); Only flying DFW/MIA-LHR for TATL; Cut sys 60% in Apr & 80% in May (90% intl 80% dom); Dom cut 7.5% for Apr, Intl summer peak 10% (55% for transpacific); Cut intl 34% more, 50% cut Apr TATL; cut svc to SA, suspend flights to Argentina.  Retire all 17 767-300ERs by May, & 34 757-200s by Q4’21; Cut intl 75% yoy thru May 6 & dom 20% for Apr & 30% in May; will only operate 3 LH routes (DFWLHR, DFWNRT, LHRMIA); park 135 widebodies; Parking 450 planes (50% of fleet) & cut dom 30% in Apr & more in May

Central Mountain Air – Suspended flights thru 7Jun

Compass Airlines – Stopped operating in April (for good) – 20 E175s

Contour Airlines – Operating 6 routes

Delta Air Lines – Retiring 777’s by the end of Fall 2020; Suspended svc to ASE, BGR, ERI, FNT, FSM, LNK, EWN, PIA, SBA, AVP, XWA, YOW; bringing back 16 planes in Jun and 74 in July; ill resume 2 TATL routes 21May (ATLFRA/DTWLHR), All 18 777s will retire by end of year; MD-88/90s will retire on 2Jun; Suspending 10 dom cities (MDW, OAK, BUR, LGB, PVD, SWF, HPN, CAK, MHT, PHF); Resuming 22 intl routes in Jun and 48 in July; Retiring MD-88/90s in Jun; Will park all of their 737-9ERs & A320s; Removed 29 TATL routes after 1Jun; Cut June Qtr by 85% (Dom 80/Intl 90%); DOT approved suspension of 7 seasonal routes (that don’t normally fly now);  Cut NYC flights 90%; Will fly 6 TPAC, 3 TATL, 11 Canada, 6 Mex, 5 Caribbean, 1 S. America flight; Dom 10-15%; intl 20-25% (Pacific 65% cut); Cut sys 40%; park up to 300 aircraft; stop flying to continental Europe; 70% sys cut & 80% for intl over 2-3mths; parking 600 aircraft or 50% of fleet

Frontier Airlines – Will only fly 1 NYC route EWR-MIA; Requesting to suspend svc to 35 airports; Cut flights to NYC region 90%

Hawaiian Airlines – Resuming flts to 8 US destinations in August; Will resume HNL-PDX in July; Looking to delay delivery of 10 787s in 2021; Resuming HNL-SEA svc 1May; DOT approved suspension to 8 airports; Requesting to suspend svc to 8 airports:  BOS, LAS, NYC, PHX, PDX, SMF, SAN, SEA(+LGB/OAK/SJC from Cares Act Metro area); Already cut svc 90%; Will suspend all but 2 intl routes from 25Mar; Cut 8-10% Apr & 15-20% May; Cut sys 40% in Apr

jetBlue – Will fly 50% of schedule in July; Gov’t approved suspension of 12 markets; Will operate 12 tag routes in May/Jun; Only allowed to suspend 2 (out of 12) markets; Suspending 45 dom routes thru early June; Requesting to suspend svc to 12 airports thru 10Jun (ABQ, BZN, DFW, IAH, MSP, PSP, PDX, RNO, SMF, ORH, BQN, PSE) & consolidate in metro areas (LAX, BOS, NYC, SFO, DC); Cut flights to NYC region 81%; consolidate ops in 5 major metro areas in the U.S 15Apr-10Jun; Cut sys 70% for Apr; 5% cut in the “near term; Cut 40% Apr/May

JetSuite – Filed for Chapter 11; Suspends ops indefinitely

Miami Air – 8May ceased operations; Filed for Chapter 11

Pacific Coastal Airlines – Will resume 11 routes on 1Jun; suspend flights thru 31May; Suspend flights thru 2May

Porter – Will resume flts 31Aug; Flights will not resume until 29Jul; Suspending svc thru 29Jun; Suspend flights thru 31May

RAVN – Ceased flying & filed for Chapter 11; Cut flights 90% & only fly 3 aircraft

Southwest Airlines – Resumed svc to Jamaica, Bahamas & Mexico in July; Sells & leases back 10 737 Max to BOC; May cut 64% & Jun likely 50%; Cutting May another 1/3; Cut sys 50% May-Jun; Sys now cut 40% or 1500 flights/day; Cut sys 20% 14Apr-5Jun; Suspend intl flights thru 3May and cut sys 25%

Spirit Airlines – Will fly 550 flts/day or 80% YoY; Gov’t approved suspension of 6 markets; Will operate 12 tag routes in May; Only allowed to suspend 1(out of 26) markets (PR); Requesting to suspend flights to 26 airports; Cut flights 90% thru 2May; Suspends all flights to NY region airports; 5% cut for Apr

Sun Country – In May operates flights to 23 markets; Requesting to suspend service to 21 markets (+7 winter markets)

Sunwing – Will serve 4 dom routes from late Jun; Flights suspended until 31May; Suspend flights 23Mar

Swoop – Will resume 4 dom rtes on 1Jul; Suspends intl flights thru 31May

United Airlines – Adding back 25k flts in Aug or 48% of ’19 dom capacity & 25% intl; Will fly to 30% of network in July; Will fly to 11 intl routes in July (25% of network returning) & 16 Carib/Latin routes; Retired last 757-200 on 9May; Will operated 6 routes from LAX 3Jun & add HNL thru 5Jul; Cancelling 51 intl routes for summer; Will fly 6 EWR & 3 LGA routes in May; Sell & lease back 22 planes (16 Max, 6 787-9) to Bank of China (BOC) Aviation; likely to cut Jun 90%; Cut flights 90% for May; pushing summer start to 4Jun; Cancelled 11 TATL routes for S’20 but 93 intl routes returning; Only flying to 6 markets from EWR and 1 from LGA; Flying 11 intl routes 4-19May; Only flying 17 flights/day from EWR (88% reduction); Cut Dom 52%; sys cut 68%; Keep 6 intl routes thru May; 10% Dom & 20% Intl in April; 20% sys cut in May; Cut 50% Apr/May; 42% US/Canada cut & 85% intl cut or 60% sys; only 16 long haul routes remain; Cut intl 95% & suspend all TPAC, TATL, Latin America & Canada flights

WestJet – Ending social distancing on flts as of 1Jul; July schedule down 76% YoY flying to 45 destinations; No intls or US flights until 4Jul; Only flying 48 dom routes thru 4Jun; Extending US/Intl suspensions thru 4May; Dom flights cut 50%; Suspend all intl flights (including US) thru 20Apr


Aegean – Resuming svc to 2 markets; Suspend intl flights thru 30Apr

Aer Lingus – Only flying 11 routes

Aeroflot – Only flying 45 dom routes; Will resume 3 dom routes 1Jun

Air Algerie – Suspends all flights thru 4Apr

Air Antwerp – Will resume svc on 4May to London City; Suspends flights thru 10Apr

Air Astana – Resumed 11 more dom routes 11May; Resume 1 dom flight on 1May & others 11May; Suspends flights thru 21Apr

Air Belgium – Suspend flights thru 3Jun

Air Corsica – Suspend flights thru 1Apr

Air Dolomiti – Start to resume some flts on 15Jun; Will resume flights 5Jun; Suspend flights thru 19Apr

Air France – Last A380 flt will be 26Jun; 35% of flt schedule in Jul/40% Aug & 150 destinations; Retiring all A380s immediately; Resuming 29 intl routes in Jun; Only flying around 5% of flights; Suspended most flights to Africa thru 3Jul; Will suspend 90% flights thru Apr & May; Ground all A380s & cut system up to 90%

Air Greenland – Suspends flights thru 4Apr

Air Malta – Resumed operations on 1July to 10 destinations; Suspend flights 20Mar on

Air Mauritius – Enters voluntary administration; Suspends flights thru 30Apr

Air Baltic – Resuming 7 flights; Resuming flights on 18May; Will only operate A220s on 62 routes from 13May; Flights suspended thru 12May; Cancelling 50% of flights thru 31Oct; suspend flights until 14Apr

Air Namibia – Suspend all flights thru 20Apr

Air Senegal – Suspend flights thru 1Jul; Suspend ops thru 17May

Air Serbia – Will fly 13 routes; Resuming flights 15Jun; Suspends all flights

Austrian Airlines – Will fly to 50 destinations in July; Will operate 40 EME routes in June; Will resume flights on 8Jun; Will retire 22 aircraft by 2022 (18 Dash 8, 7 A319s, 3 763s) = 20% capacity cut; Flights suspended thru 17May; Flights suspended thru 3May; Flights suspended thru 19Apr; Suspend flights 18Mar on

BRA – Filed for debt restructuring; Suspends flights thru 31May

British Airways – Resuming 8 intl in July; Will resume 29 LH routes from LHR in July; Will operate 11 Europe routes from LHR in May; Will fly 17 intl routes in June; Resuming 15 intl routes in May; Grounded all 12 A380s; Cut dom 93% for Apr; Cut sys 75% for Apr/May

Brussels Airlines – Will operate 45% of capacity Sept/Oct; LH ops delayed until Aug; Resuming flights 15Jun; Will operate 30% of its summer schedule vs. LY; Resuming flights on 15Jun; Will reduce its fleet by 30% (16 aircraft); Flights suspended thru 31May; Suspends thru 15May; Suspend flights thru 19Apr

Cabo Verde Airlines – Suspend flights for 30 days

Condor – Will be up to 20 rtes by October; Only flying 3 routes until15May; Only serving 4 routes

Corendon Airlines – Suspend flights thru 30apr

Czech Airlines – Resume flights on 18May on 7 routes; Suspend flights thru 11Apr

easyJet – Will fly 50% of network in July & 75% in Aug; Will operated 75% of routes by August (but only 30% of capacity; Will resume flights 15Jun; Grounded entire fleet; Will ground majority of fleet on 24Mar

El Al – Cancelled all flights until further notice; Will resume flts 31Jul; Will resume flights 21Jun; Suspend flights thru 2May; Suspend all flights thru 4Apr

Emirates – Will resume flying the A380 on 15Jul; Will fly to 48 destinations in July; Adding back 100 routes in July; Adding back 9 intl routes 21May; No flights available for reservation until 1Jul; Resuming 7 more intl routes; Resuming 5 routes 6Apr but initially only outbound pax; Will suspend all flights thru 8Apr

Etihad Airways – Flts to 40 destinations will resume in July; Will allow connections to 20 cities from 10Jun; Will resume flights on 16May; Only selling full J/Y fares for May/June to 38 intl routes; Will resume flights on 1May; Will suspend all flights thru 8Apr; Grounds all 10 A380s thru 30Jun

Ethiopian – Only flying 10 LH routes for May; Cut dom 50% and 80 intl markets

Eurowings – Will resume LH svc on 30Jun & fly to 80% of destinations in summer; Will operated 62 routes in June; Will operate 36 intl routes as of 24May; Only flying 14 LH routes for summer; Only flying 18 routes thru 31May; Retiring 10 A320s; Germanwings consolidated into EW

Finnair – Will only fly 30% of flights in July; Suspend US flights thru 12Apr; Cut sys 90%

FlyDubai – Will resume flts 7Jul; Will resume flights on 5Jun; Will suspend all flights thru 9Apr

Fly One – Suspend flights thru 31Mar

HiSky – Won’t resume until 1July; Service start delayed until mid-Jun; Delay launch of new svc until 28May – Will not resume flts until 15Jul; Won’t resume flights until 1Jul; Suspend thru 17Jun; Suspend flights thru 1May

Kenya Airways – Will resume flts 8Jul on 5 rtes; Suspends flights thru 20May & then fly 7 routes; Intl flights suspended thru 5May; Suspend intl flights thru 6Apr

KLM – Will operate up to 60% of capacity by August; July will fly 25-35% of schedule (73 destinations); Will resume 16 add’tl intl routes 1Jun; Resuming 8 markets AMS-BCN, BUD, HEL, MAD, MXP, PRG, FCO, WAW; Will suspend 90% flights thru Apr & May; Cut flights 90%s for Apr; Retired all pax 747s 29Mar; Retire 747s in Apr; cut Mar 25% & 30-40% Apr; Cut further 10-20% – Comair parent company entered Voluntary Business Rescue; Suspend flights indefinitely

La Compagnie – Suspend flights thru 31May

Laudamotion – Suspend all flights thru 30Apr

LOT – Resume intl flts 1Jul; Will resume 8 dom flights 1Jun; Flights cancelled thru 31May; Cancelled takeover of Condor; Suspend flights for 10 days

Lufthansa – Won’t fly remaining A380s until 2022; Will offer 101 routes from 15Jun; Will resume 40% of capacity by Sept; Will offer 67 intl routes 1-14Jun; By end of Jun will have 130 destinations back; Will offer 34 Europe routes as of 24May; Will add back 80 aircraft in June; Only flying 6 LH routes thru 17May; decommissioning all 17 A340-600s; Retiring 6 A380s, 7 A340s, 5 747s, 11 A320s; Flying only 18 LH routes/wk; Could cut 50%/grounded all 14 A380s thru May; cut capacity 50%; Cuts sys 95%; grounds 700 aircraft or 92% of fleet

Luxair – Will resume 6 flights 29May; Suspend flights thru 19Apr

Montenegro Airlines – Suspend flights thru 1Apr

Norwegian – Cancelled 92 737max & 5 787; Will resume 76 rtes and bring back 12 aircraft; May not return to intl flights until Apr’21; Until 30May only flying dom routes; LH cut 40% & SH 25%; Sys 85%

Oman Air – Suspend all flights (ex 1 dom) thru 21Apr

Pobeda – Suspend all flights thru 31May

Qatar Airways – Resuming 11 destinations 1July; Will retire 777 by 2024 and replace with 777x; New aircraft deliveries will be deferred 8-10 yrs; cancelled order for 30 737 Max; Will reduce fleet by 25%; 46 routes delayed until Oct; 4 routes cancelled for 2020; Will resume flights to 80 markets by end of Jun; Grounds all 10 A380s thru 31May; Cut sys 75%

Royal Air Maroc – Suspends flights thru 30Apr

Royal Jordanian – Will resume intl flights in June; Suspend flights thru 13Apr; Suspends flights thru 31Mar

RwandAir – Will resume flts 1 Aug on 9 rtes; Suspends flights thru 21Apr

Ryanair – Resuming 40% of sched 1Jul & 90% of network; Fly 1% of schedule thru June; Only flying 9 routes thru 14May; Will operate 17 routes until 7May; Suspend all flights until June; Expects to reduce Apr/May 80%; Thru 24Mar cut 80%; after 24Mar could suspend all flights

S7 Airlines – Will resume all flts in June and add 4 more rtes; Cut flights 35%

SAS – Increasing to 40 aircraft for July ~30% yoy; Will fly 22 rtres 2nd half of June; Will ramp up and use 30 aircraft in June; Will resume 2 intl routes 10Jun; Only flying dom routes; Suspend almost all flights

Smartwings – Suspend flights thru 11Apr

Somon Air – Suspends intl flights

South African Airways – Airline will lay off all employees by end of month and likely cease operations; Suspend all dom flights thru 16Apr; Suspend all intl flights thru 31May

Swiss – Flying 31 routes in Jun; Plans to resume 15-20% of capacity in June

Transavia – Suspends flights thru 6May; Suspends flights thru 5Apr

Turkish Airlines – Will fly 33 rtes in June; Will resume intl flights to 6 countries on 18Jun; Will resume flights to 19 countries & 60% dom flights in June; Suspends flights thru 28May; Suspends intl flights thru 20May; Suspend all intl and most dom flights thru 1May; Only fly 3 intl routes IST-IAD/HKG/ADD; likely cancel all thru 17Apr; Cut sys 85% & all but 5 intl routes thru 17Apr

UIA – Suspends all flights thru 3Apr

Uzbekistan Airways – Resumed 3 dom flights from 18May; No bookings until 1Jul; Suspend all dom flights; Suspend intl flights thru 5Apr

Virgin Atlantic – Will resume 5 LH routes 20July; Won’t resume flights until at least Aug; Will resume service 1Jul; Grounded 7 744s, retiring 4 A330s in 2022, exiting LGW; 11-17May no reservations allowed; Extend current schedule to 10May but return LHR-PVG 2May; Suspend pax flights 21-27Apr; 3 routes flying LHR-HKG/JFK/LAX; retired last 3 A340-6; Only flying 6 aircraft; Cut 80%; parking 75% aircraft by 26Mar & 85% in Apr


Air Asia – Will resume 15 intl flights in June; Resume flights to Indonesia 18May; Resume 16May for Philippines flights; Resume dom flights 29Apr in Malaysia, 1May Philippines/Thailand; Cancels all dom/intl flights thru 30Apr; Suspend most flights thru 31May

Air China – Will fly 24 intl rtes in July; Will fly 22 intl routes in May

Air Deccan – Ceases operations

Air India – Will operate 12 dom rtes starting 23Jun; Will fly 24 intl routes in June; Flights suspended thru 17May; Suspends flights thru 30Apr

Air New Zealand – No flts to MEL until 15Jul due to restrictions in AU; Will resume 35 dom routes in Jun; Fly 55% of dom capacity in July; Will only fly 5% of flights thru Aug; Will fly 20% of Dom routes in May; Will fly 7 dom routes in May; Delaying launch of EWR until late 2021; Grounding fleet of 16 777s until Apr 2021; Only flying 12 intl routes thru 30Jun; Only flying 5 dom routes in Apr; Cut sys 95%; Cut sys 88-90%; only 11 intl routes left thru 31May; Cut sys 10%; LH cut up to 85%

Air Tahiti Nui – Will fly 11 routes from 22May; Will resume flights 1Jul; Suspend flights thru 31May; Suspend all flights thru 30Apr

ANA – Will fly 18 intl rtes in July; Delaying last A380 delivery; Will fly 19 intl routes for May; 90% cut for 25Apr-15May; Cut flights 85% thru 24Apr

Bamboo Airways – Pushed bookings until late Oct’20; Suspend intl bookings until Late Sep 2020

Bangkok Airways – Resuming dom routes 1Jun; Suspend flights thru 24Oct

Cathay Pacific – Will resume 12 intl flights in July; Flights cut 97% until 20Jun; then 95%; Only fly 3% of flights in Apr; Cut sys 90%; Cut sys 96% Apr & May

Cebu Pacific – Suspend flights thru 15May; Suspend dom flights from Manila

Eastar Jet – Suspends intl svc thru 30Jun

Fiji Aiways – No intl flights until end of Jun; Resuming 4 dom flights 16May; Suspend Dom flights (except 1); Suspend intl flights thru 31May; 95% cut in intl thru 31May

Garuda Indonesia – Will fly 10 intl routes in Jun; Cut dom 59% & intl 84% for Apr

HK Express – Will resume flts 12 July with 2 rtes; Suspends flights thru 18Jun; Suspends flights thru 30Apr

IndiGo – Will resume flights 4May

Japan Airlines – Will fly 50% of scheduled flts in July; Will fly 7% of intl flts in July & 46% dom; Only flying 4% of intl flights in June; Will only fly 14 intl routes in Jun; Will fly 16 intl routes in May; Cut dom flights 48% 23Apr-6May; Cut 94% flights for May; Cut 44% more flights during state of emergency; Suspend 85% of flights thru 30Apr

Korean Air – Will fly 15 intl routes in July; Will fly 31 intl routes in Jun now; 3 routes in Jun & 21 routes in Jul to return; Plan to resume 15 dom flights in May & 16 intl routes; Will operate 19 intl routes in May; Sys cut 80%; Sys cut over 90%

Malaysia Airlines – Will resume some intl flts in July; 1Jul resume 39 markets; 3 dom flights 15Apr-19May; Gradual resumption of svc from 18May; Cancelled >4k flights

Philippine Airlines – Will fly 43 routes from 15Jun; Will fly 9 routes from 3Jun; No dom flights until 16May; Will likely resume flights to 17 countries in May; Flights suspended thru 30Apr; Suspend Intl flights thru 14Apr; Suspend dom flights thru 14Apr

Qantas – Grounding 100 aircraft for up to a year; Retiring last 2 747s this month (Jun); no intl flts until Oct; Will increase capacity to 15% by end of Jun & up to 40% by end of July; Intl flights suspended thru 31Jul & Dom/Tasman routes thru 30Jun; Retired all pax 747s on 29Mar; Ground 38 aircraft (8 A380s) until Sept; cut intl 25% thru Sept; Cut dom 5%; Suspend Intl flights thru 1Jun & dom 60%; cut sys 23% thru mid-Sept; ground 150 aircraft; JetStar suspends operations thru 31May

Scoot – Fill fly 8 rtes in July; 20May will resume flights to Malaysia & Mainland China; Only flying 2 routes thru 31May; Only flying SIN-HKG/PER; Suspend flights to 49 destinations

Singapore Airlines – Will fly 23 intl routes in June; Extends flight cuts of 96% thru Jun; Only flying 15 routes for May; Cut sys 96% thru Apr & parking 185 jets; Cut sys 10.3%; Cut sys 50% thru Apr

Solomon Airlines – Resumed 24 dom routes 18May; Cut flights 40% for Apr

Spicejet – Resume 20 routes from 1Jun; Suspend most intl flights thru 30Apr

Sri Lankan Airlines – Suspend flights thru 21Apr

Starlux – Will resume 2 rtes in July; Suspend flights thru 30Apr

Thai Airways – Going to enter reorganization; Extend intl flight cancels thru Jun; Will resume 37 intl routes in July; Reservations not avail for June; Suspend all flights thru 31May

Thai Air Asia – Suspends intl flights thru 25Apr

Tigerair – Suspends flights thru 31May; Suspends all flights

Vietnam Airlines – Will fly 4 intl rtes 17Jun on; Will fly 22 rtes in July; Will resume all dom routes in Jun; Suspend all dom flights (but 1) thru 15Apr Suspends all flights thru 30Apr; Suspension of all intl flights from 25Mar

Vietravel – Delays launch of service

Virgin Australia – Resuming 17 additional dom rtes by early Aug; Resuming more dom flts on 12Jun; In voluntary administration but still flying; Reinstate 16 dom routes 17Apr-14Jun; Suspends all flights except SYD-MEL; Cut dom 90% & grounding 125 aircraft thru 14Jun; Suspend intl flights & cut dom 50% thru 14Jun; ground 53 aircraft

Vistara – 18May resume 6 routes; Resume flights on 4May; Suspend intl flights thru 31Mar

Zipair – Will debut as cargo carrier now; Delay launch of airline indefinitely


AeroMexico – Filed for Chapter 11 but will keep flying; Will fly 25 intl routes in June; Will fly 10 intl routes in May; Cut intl 87% for Apr; Cut intl 40%

AeroLineas Aregentina – Will merge ops with Austral

Avianca – Filed for Chapter 11 but will keep operating (except Peru ops); 18May resume 18 routes; 1Jun resume 29 routes; Suspend intl flights thru 1May & dom thru 12Apr; Cut 30-40% now; Suspend intl flights and cut dom flights 84%; grounding 132 aircraft

Azul – Will defer 59 Embraer E2s; Cut 20-25% Mar & 35% Apr & beyond; suspending intl flights (exc. Campinas)

Cayman Airways – Suspend flights thru 12Apr

Copa Airlines – Will resume flights on 26Jun; Resuming flights 1Jun to 23 markets; Cut sys 80%; Suspends all flights thru 21Apr

GOL – Resume 20% of svc for June; Cancels order of 34 737 Max jets; Suspend intl flights & cut dom 92% thru early May; Cut dom 60% thru mid-Jun & intl 90%

Interjet – Only flying 5 dom routes

LATAM – LATAM Argentina will cease ops (12 dom rtes) indefinitely; Filed for Chapter 11 & will return 18 aircraft back to lessors; Will resume most intl flights by Aug; Will resume 4 intl routes in June; Suspend Europe flights thru 31May; Cut flights 95% & no Europe flights; Cut Intl 30%; Cut intl 90% & dom 40% (70% sys)

LATAM Ecuador – Suspends flights thru 5Apr

LATAM Peru – Suspends flights thru 31Mar

SKY – Suspend all flights thru 30Apr

Tame – Suspends flights thru 5Apr

Volaris – Cut May 90%; ¾ fleet in storage (63); Cut flights 80% thru 30Apr