Airline Response

Airline Response to COVID-19

Reduction of flight schedules

Updated May 23, 2020

Prior Airline Capacity Changes

United States & Canada

Air Canada – Will fly 34 dom rtes in May; Retiring 79 aircraft: 767, A319, & (E190 immediately); Suspend US flts thru 22May;160 flts suspended thru 31May; Filed May resumption of 11 intl mkts; Cut Q2 85-90%; Q2 down 20% yoy; Pacific for Apr down 75%; Will only fly to 6 intl mkts & 40 dom

Air Transat – Flts cancelled thru 30Jun; Flts suspended thru 31May; Retiring A310 by 31Mar; will suspend all flts on 2Apr; Suspend intl flts thru 30Apr

Alaska Airlines – Retired 10 A319 & 2 A320s; DOT approved suspension of 4 cities (OGG, LIH, KOA, SUN); Cut svc to NYC region 71%; cut sys 80% for Apr/May; creating tag rtes in US; Cut sys 70% for Apr/May; Cutting sys 15% & parking 30 jets (13% of fleet); 10% Apr & 15% May

Allegiant – Approval to only fly 1x/wk to TUS, MLI, STC, OGS, ROC, RDU, GFK, DAY, MFE, BLI; Cut Apr/May 80-90%; No reduction Mar/Apr but likely 3.2% for May; Cut 15% Apr/May & could cut 30-35% soon

American Airlines – Intl svc resumption starting 4Jun on 7 rtes; Will ofer 15 dom rtes from NYC in May; Requesting service exemptions to 12 markets (DLH, ANC, JAC, FCA, MVY, ACK, ASE, MTJ, EGE, OGG, KOA, LIH); Many intl flts pushed to 24Oct; All 757s have been put into storage; Cut NYC flights more than 90% (3 JFK/8 LGA/2 EWR); Cut intl 60% for peak summer (80% pacific, 65% TATL, 48% Latin; suspend 26 seasonal rtes until 2021); Retired all 16 of their 767s on 30Mar (will retire 76 738s, all 9 A330-3s, 20 E190s soon too); Only flying DFW/MIA-LHR for TATL; Cut sys 60% in Apr & 80% in May (90% intl 80% dom); Dom cut 7.5% for Apr, Intl summer peak 10% (55% for transpacific); Cut intl 34% more, 50% cut Apr TATL; cut svc to SA, suspend flts to Argentina.  Retire all 17 767-300ERs by May, & 34 757-200s by Q4’21; Cut intl 75% yoy thru May 6 & dom 20% for Apr & 30% in May; will only operate 3 LH routes (DFWLHR, DFWNRT, LHRMIA); park 135 widebodies; Parking 450 planes (50% of fleet) & cut dom 30% in Apr & more in May

Central Mountain Air – Suspended flts thru 7Jun

Compass Airlines – Stopped operating in April (for good) – 20 E175s

Contour Airlines – Operating 6 routes

Delta Air Lines – Suspending 10 dom cities (MDW, OAK, BUR, LGB, PVD, SWF, HPN, CAK, MHT, PHF); Resuming 22 intl rtes in Jun and 48 in July; Retiring MD-88/90s in Jun; Will park all of their 737-9ERs & A320s; Removed 29 TATL rtes after 1Jun; Cut June Qtr by 85% (Dom 80/Intl 90%); DOT approved suspension of 7 seasonal rtes (that don’t normally fly now);  Cut NYC flts 90%; Will fly 6 TPAC, 3 TATL, 11 Canada, 6 Mex, 5 Caribbean, 1 S. America flt; Dom 10-15%; intl 20-25% (Pacific 65% cut); Cut sys 40%; park up to 300 aircraft; stop flying to continental Europe; 70% sys cut & 80% for intl over 2-3mths; parking 600 aircraft or 50% of fleet

Frontier Airlines – Will only fly 1 NYC rte EWR-MIA; Requesting to suspend svc to 35 airports; Cut flts to NYC region 90%

Hawaiian Airlines – Looking to delay delivery of 10 787s in 2021; Resuming HNL-SEA svc 1May; DOT approved suspension to 8 airports; Requesting to suspend svc to 8 airports:  BOS, LAS, NYC, PHX, PDX, SMF, SAN, SEA(+LGB/OAK/SJC from Cares Act Metro area); Already cut svc 90%; Will suspend all but 2 intl rtes from 25Mar; Cut 8-10% Apr & 15-20% May; Cut sys 40% in Apr

jetBlue – Gov’t approved suspension of 12 mkts; Will operate 12 tag routes in May/Jun; Only allowed to suspend 2 (out of 12) mkts; Suspending 45 dom rtes thru early June; Requesting to suspend svc to 12 airports thru 10Jun (ABQ, BZN, DFW, IAH, MSP, PSP, PDX, RNO, SMF, ORH, BQN, PSE) & consolidate in metro areas (LAX, BOS, NYC, SFO, DC); Cut flts to NYC region 81%; consolidate ops in 5 major metro areas in the U.S 15Apr-10Jun; Cut sys 70% for Apr; 5% cut in the “near term; Cut 40% Apr/May

JetSuite – Filed for Chapter 11; Suspends ops indefinitely

Miami Air – 8May ceased operations; Filed for Chapter 11

Pacific Coastal Airlines – Suspend flts thru 31May; Suspend flts thru 2May

Porter – Suspending svc thru 29Jun; Suspend flts thru 31May

RAVN – Ceased flying & filed for Chapter 11; Cut flts 90% & only fly 3 aircraft

Southwest Airlines – May cut 64% & Jun likely 50%; Cutting May another 1/3; Cut sys 50% May-Jun; Sys now cut 40% or 1500 flts/day; Cut sys 20% 14Apr-5Jun; Suspend intl flts thru 3May and cut sys 25%

Spirit Airlines – Gov’t approved suspension of 6 mkts; Will operate 12 tag routes in May; Only allowed to suspend 1(out of 26) mkts (PR); Requesting to suspend flts to 26 airports; Cut flts 90% thru 2May; Suspends all flights to NY region airports; 5% cut for Apr

Sun Country – Requesting to suspend service to 21 mkts (+7 winter mkts)

Sunwing – Flts suspended until 31May; Suspend flts 23Mar

Swoop – Suspends intl flts thru 31May

United Airlines – Cancelling 51 intl rtes for summer; Will fly 6 EWR & 3 LGA rtes in May; Sell & lease back 22 planes (16 Max, 6 787-9) to Bank of China (BOC) Aviation; likely to cut Jun 90%; Cut flts 90% for May; pushing summer start to 4Jun; Cancelled 11 TATL rtes for S’20 but 93 intl rtes returning; Only flying to 6 mkts from EWR and 1 from LGA; Flying 11 intl rtes 4-19May; Only flying 17 flts/day from EWR (88% reduction); Cut Dom 52%; sys cut 68%; Keep 6 intl routes thru May; 10% Dom & 20% Intl in April; 20% sys cut in May; Cut 50% Apr/May; 42% US/Canada cut & 85% intl cut or 60% sys; only 16 long haul routes remain; Cut intl 95% & suspend all TPAC, TATL, Latin America & Canada flts

WestJet – Only flying 48 dom rtes thru 4Jun; Extending US/Intl suspensions thru 4May; Dom flts cut 50%; Suspend all intl flts (including US) thru 20Apr


Aegean – Resuming svc to 2 mkts; Suspend intl flts thru 30Apr

Aer Lingus – Only flying 11 rtes

Aeroflot – Only flying 45 dom rtes; Will resume 3 dom rtes 1Jun

Air Algerie – Suspends all flts thru 4Apr

Air Antwerp – Will resume svc on 4May to London City; Suspends flts thru 10Apr

Air Astana – Resume 1 dom flt on 1May & others 11May; Suspends flts thru 21Apr

Air Belgium – Suspend flts thru 3Jun

Air Corsica – Suspend flts thru 1Apr

Air Dolomiti – Suspend flts thru 19Apr

Air France – Resuming 29 intl rtes in Jun; Only flying around 5% of flts; Suspended most flts to Africa thru 3Jul; Will suspend 90% flts thru Apr & May; Ground all A380s & cut system up to 90%

Air Greenland – Suspends flts thru 4Apr

Air Malta – Suspend flts 20Mar on

Air Mauritius – Enters voluntary administration; Suspends flts thru 30Apr

Air Baltic – Will only operate A220s on 62 rtes from 13May; Flts suspended thru 12May; Cancelling 50% of flts thru 31Oct; suspend flts until 14Apr

Air Namibia – Suspend all flts thru 20Apr

Air Senegal – Suspend flts thru 1Jul; Suspend ops thru 17May

Air Serbia – Suspends all flts

Austrian Airlines – Will retire 22 aircraft by 2022 (18 Dash 8, 7 A319s, 3 763s) = 20% capacity cut; Flts suspended thru 17May; Flts suspended thru 3May; Flts suspended thru 19Apr; Suspend flts 18Mar on

BRA – Filed for debt restructuring; Suspends flts thru 31May

British Airways – Will fly 17 intl rtes in June; Resuming 15 intl rtes in May; Grounded all 12 A380s; Cut dom 93% for Apr; Cut sys 75% for Apr/May

Brussels Airlines – Flts suspended thru 31May; Suspends thru 15May; Suspend flts thru 19Apr

Cabo Verde Airlines – Suspend flts for 30 days

Condor – Only flying 3 rtes until15May; Only serving 4 rtes

Corendon Airlines – Suspend flts thru 30apr

Czech Airlines – Suspend flights thru 11Apr

easyJet – Grounded entire fleet; Will ground majority of fleet on 24Mar

El Al – Suspend flts thru 2May; Suspend all flts thru 4Apr

Emirates – No flts available for reservation until 1Jul; Resuming 7 more intl rtes; Resuming 5 rtes 6Apr but initially only outbound pax; Will suspend all flights thru 8Apr

Etihad Airways – Will resume flts on 16May; Only selling full J/Y fares for May/June to 38 intl rtes; Will resume flts on 1May; Will suspend all flights thru 8Apr; Grounds all 10 A380s thru 30Jun

Ethiopian – Only flying 10 LH rtes for May; Cut dom 50% and 80 intl mkts

Eurowings – Only flying 14 LH rtes for summer; Only flying 18 rtes thru 31May; Retiring 10 A320s; Germanwings consolidated into EW

Finnair – Suspend US flights thru 12Apr; Cut sys 90%

FlyDubai – Will suspend all flights thru 9Apr

Fly One – Suspend flts thru 31Mar

HiSky – Service start delayed until mid-Jun; Delay launch of new svc until 28May – Suspend thru 17Jun; Suspend flights thru 1May

Kenya Airways – Suspends flts thru 20May & then fly 7 rtes; Intl flts suspended thru 5May; Suspend intl flts thru 6Apr

KLM – Resuming 8 mkts AMS-BCN, BUD, HEL, MAD, MXP, PRG, FCO, WAW; Will suspend 90% flts thru Apr & May; Cut flts 90%s for Apr; Retired all pax 747s 29Mar; Retire 747s in Apr; cut Mar 25% & 30-40% Apr; Cut further 10-20% – Comair parent company entered Voluntary Business Rescue; Suspend flts indefinitely

La Compagnie – Suspend flts thru 31May

Laudamotion – Suspend all flts thru 30Apr

LOT – Flts cancelled thru 31May; Cancelled takeover of Condor; Suspend flts for 10 days

Lufthansa – Will add back 80 aircraft in June; Only flying 6 LH rtes thru 17May; decommissioning all 17 A340-600s; Retiring 6 A380s, 7 A340s, 5 747s, 11 A320s; Flying only 18 LH rtes/wk; Could cut 50%/grounded all 14 A380s thru May; cut capacity 50%; Cuts sys 95%; grounds 700 aircraft or 92% of fleet

Luxair – Suspend flts thru 19Apr

Montenegro Airlines – Suspend flts thru 1Apr

Norwegian – May not return to intl flts until Apr’21; Until 30May only flying dom routes; LH cut 40% & SH 25%; Sys 85%

Oman Air – Suspend all flts (ex 1 dom) thru 21Apr

Pobeda – Suspend all flts thru 31May

Qatar Airways – 46 rtes delayed until Oct; 4 rtes cancelled for 2020; Will resume flts to 80 mkts by end of Jun; Grounds all 10 A380s thru 31May; Cut sys 75%

Royal Air Maroc – Suspends flts thru 30Apr

Royal Jordanian – Suspend flts thru 13Apr; Suspends flts thru 31Mar

RwandAir – Suspends flts thru 21Apr

Ryanair – Fly 1% of schedule thru June; Only flying 9 rtes thru 14May; Will operate 17 routes until 7May; Suspend all flts until June; Expects to reduce Apr/May 80%; Thru 24Mar cut 80%; after 24Mar could suspend all flts

S7 Airlines – Cut flts 35%

SAS – Only flying dom routes; Suspend almost all flts

Smartwings – Suspend flts thru 11Apr

Somon Air – Suspends intl flts

South African Airways – Airline will lay off all employees by end of month and likely cease operations; Suspend all dom flts thru 16Apr; Suspend all intl flts thru 31May

Swiss – Plans to resume 15-20% of capacity in June

Transavia – Suspends flts thru 6May; Suspends flts thru 5Apr

Turkish Airlines – Will resume flts to 19 countries & 60% dom flts in June; Suspends flts thru 28May; Suspends intl flts thru 20May; Suspend all intl and most dom flts thru 1May; Only fly 3 intl routes IST-IAD/HKG/ADD; likely cancel all thru 17Apr; Cut sys 85% & all but 5 intl routes thru 17Apr

UIA – Suspends all flts thru 3Apr

Uzbekistan Airways – No bookings until 1Jul; Suspend all dom flts; Suspend intl flts thru 5Apr

Virgin Atlantic – Grounded 7 744s, retiring 4 A330s in 2022, exiting LGW; 11-17May no reservations allowed; Extend current schedule to 10May but return LHR-PVG 2May; Suspend pax flts 21-27Apr; 3 routes flying LHR-HKG/JFK/LAX; retired last 3 A340-6; Only flying 6 aircraft; Cut 80%; parking 75% aircraft by 26Mar & 85% in Apr


Air Asia – Resume flts to Indonesia 18May; Resume 16May for Philippines flts; Resume dom flts 29Apr in Malaysia, 1May Philippines/Thailand; Cancels all dom/intl flts thru 30Apr; Suspend most flts thru 31May

Air China – Will fly 22 intl rtes in May

Air Deccan – Ceases operations

Air India – Flts suspended thru 17May; Suspends flts thru 30Apr

Air New Zealand – Will fly 20% of Dom rtes in May; Will fly 7 dom rtes in May; Delaying launch of EWR until late 2021; Grounding fleet of 16 777s until Apr 2021; Only flying 12 intl routes thru 30Jun; Only flying 5 dom routes in Apr; Cut sys 95%; Cut sys 88-90%; only 11 intl routes left thru 31May; Cut sys 10%; LH cut up to 85%

Air Tahiti Nui – Will resume flts 1Jul; Suspend flts thru 31May; Suspend all flts thru 30Apr

ANA – Will fly 19 intl rtes for May; 90% cut for 25Apr-15May; Cut flts 85% thru 24Apr

Bamboo Airways – Pushed bookings until late Oct’20; Suspend intl bookings until Late Sep 2020

Bangkok Airways – Resuming dom routes 1Jun; Suspend flts thru 24Oct

Cathay Pacific – Flts cut 97% until 20Jun; then 95%; Only fly 3% of flts in Apr; Cut sys 90%; Cut sys 96% Apr & May

Cebu Pacific – Suspend flts thru 15May; Suspend dom flts from Manila

Eastar Jet – Suspends intl svc thru 30Jun

Fiji Aiways – Suspend Dom flts (except 1); Suspend intl flts thru 31May; 95% cut in intl thru 31May

Garuda Indonesia – Cut dom 59% & intl 84% for Apr

HK Express – Suspends flts thru 18Jun; Suspends flts thru 30Apr

IndiGo – Will resume flts 4May

Japan Airlines – Will fly 16 intl rtes in May; Cut dom flts 48% 23Apr-6May; Cut 94% flts for May; Cut 44% more flts during state of emergency; Suspend 85% of flts thru 30Apr

Korean Air – Will fly 31 intl rtes in Jun now; 3 routes in Jun & 21 routes in Jul to return; Plan to resume 15 dom flts in May & 16 intl routes; Will operate 19 intl routes in May; Sys cut 80%; Sys cut over 90%

Malaysia Airlines – 1Jul resume 39 mkts; 3 dom flts 15Apr-19May; Gradual resumption of svc from 18May; Cancelled >4k flts

Philippine Airlines – No dom flts until 16May; Will likely resume flts to 17 countries in May; Flts suspended thru 30Apr; Suspend Intl flts thru 14Apr; Suspend dom flts thru 14Apr

Qantas – Intl flts suspended thru 31Jul & Dom/Tasman rtes thru 30Jun; Retired all pax 747s on 29Mar; Ground 38 aircraft (8 A380s) until Sept; cut intl 25% thru Sept; Cut dom 5%; Suspend Intl flights thru 1Jun & dom 60%; cut sys 23% thru mid-Sept; ground 150 aircraft; JetStar suspends operations thru 31May

Scoot – Only flying 2 rtes thru 31May; Only flying SIN-HKG/PER; Suspend flts to 49 destinations

Singapore Airlines – Extends flt cuts of 96% thru Jun; Only flying 15 routes for May; Cut sys 96% thru Apr & parking 185 jets; Cut sys 10.3%; Cut sys 50% thru Apr

Solomon Airlines – Cut flts 40% for Apr

Spicejet – Resume 20 rtes from 1Jun; Suspend most intl flts thru 30Apr

Sri Lankan Airlines – Suspend flts thru 21Apr

Starlux – Suspend flts thru 30Apr

Thai Airways – Will resume 37 intl rtes in July; Reservations not avail for June; Suspend all flts thru 31May

Thai Air Asia – Suspends intl flts thru 25Apr

Tigerair – Suspends flts thru 31May; Suspends all flts

Vietnam Airlines – Will resume all dom rtes in Jun; Suspend all dom flts (but 1) thru 15Apr Suspends all flights thru 30Apr; Suspension of all intl flts from 25Mar

Vietravel – Delays launch of service

Virgin Australia – In voluntary administration but still flying; Reinstate 16 dom routes 17Apr-14Jun; Suspends all flts except SYD-MEL; Cut dom 90% & grounding 125 aircraft thru 14Jun; Suspend intl flts & cut dom 50% thru 14Jun; ground 53 aircraft

Vistara – 18May resume 6 rtes; Resume flts on 4May; Suspend intl flts thru 31Mar

Zipair – Delay launch of airline indefinitely


AeroMexico – Will fly 10 intl rtes in May; Cut intl 87% for Apr; Cut intl 40%

AeroLineas Aregentina – Will merge ops with Austral

Avianca – 18May resume 18 rtes; 1Jun resume 29 rtes; Suspend intl flts thru 1May & dom thru 12Apr; Cut 30-40% now; Suspend intl flts and cut dom flts 84%; grounding 132 aircraft

Azul – Cut 20-25% Mar & 35% Apr & beyond; suspending intl flts (exc. Campinas)

Cayman Airways – Suspend flts thru 12Apr

Copa Airlines – Resuming flts 1Jun to 23 mkts; Cut sys 80%; Suspends all flts thru 21Apr

GOL – Cancels order of 34 737 Max jets; Suspend intl flts & cut dom 92% thru early May; Cut dom 60% thru mid-Jun & intl 90%

Interjet – Only flying 5 dom routes

LATAM – Suspend Europe flts thru 31May; Cut flts 95% & no Europe flts; Cut Intl 30%; Cut intl 90% & dom 40% (70% sys)

LATAM Ecuador – Suspends flts thru 5Apr

LATAM Peru – Suspends flts thru 31Mar

SKY – Suspend all flts thru 30Apr

Tame – Suspends flts thru 5Apr

Volaris – Cut May 90%; ¾ fleet in storage (63); Cut flts 80% thru 30Apr